Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Benevolent Madness

I've been asked by my father, who has been in the news game for more than thirty years, to describe my work in one sentence.  It's just one sentence, how hard can that be?  "Colorful" is at least accurate, I thought...  "Bold" is usually used in my presence...  and "Quirky" is probably the best description.   So, "Colorful, bold, and quirky depictions (that sounds pretty good) of some modern topics... that just won't leave me alone," was my original thought.  It's true, the topics really won't leave me alone, but I don't think you should use the word "bold" when describing your own work, and "colorful" sounds too childlike. But my work isn't exactly adultlike, so I ramain stuck.
"Fun fodder for therapy,"  was another little tidbit that came to mind.  However, using the word "fun" is just wrong, and "fodder" always makes me think of cows for some reason.  At least mentioning therapy is now in fashion.  (Too bad I've never been...I'm saving up)
But now suddenly the phrase "segue-free" comes to mind, how will I fit that in?
This isn't exactly easy, and "I got nothin'" isn't gonna get anybody out of the house...
I'm thinking I should just roll with "A good date movie," 
that'll pack 'em in.

(...and my father just called after having read this and he said, "That's great dear, but it's not one sentence.")

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