Thursday, July 22, 2010

Turf War is No Misnomer...

I designed this mural for an episode of Turf War and it turned out to be one of my favorites. I designed it to be pretty simple and understated with one color, caramel, and on top of one other color, chocolate. Delicious. I kept it simple because I believe if you are painting on a house it shouldn't go over the top and steal focus from your sense of "home." I was battling an entire team of painters in the other yard and that came as a huge surprise to me on day 1 which immediately threw me into a panic. And that wasn't all the drama that unfolded that day. This is good one, and you can watch it all right here.
I drew from henna designs as my inspiration and this is the original drawing of the mural complete with registration marks for the projector. I liked those marks so much that it led me to design some stars to surround some of the mural.
I really liked the way it turned out.

AND I just found out that a couple in Vermont saw the episode and loved the mural design enough to project it on their own backyard wall and then they blogged about it on their website How cool is that? It's so great to see pictures of them painting it on the wall. You've gotta love the DIY Network, those shows really work... Mahalo for the Ego Boost!

AND I just found out that the artist at ArtandCupcakes searched for this design as well and painted it in her backyard too! She added her own twists and turns and chose a color palette that makes the whole thing seem so magical!

If anyone else out there paints this design in their own space, please, shoot me an email and let me know! I wanna see pictures! Flattery will get you everywhere...


  1. I love the henna design! Gorgeous!

  2. Hi. I used your design for inspiration in painting my own backyard mural and thought you would enjoy a look. Thanks for the inspiration and the use of the image.